We have always been fascinated with the parallel
that exists between Lighting and Jewellery.



We connect with new technologies to create better lighting experiences.Bring inspiration and the right light to all professional that create spaces worldwide

Our vision is to be world leaders lighting solutions for professionals, and Inspiration through the light

Contact me at: +23 345 6544 65
Write me at: noreply@envato.com

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As one of the world's leading lighting manufacturers with a track record of more than 100 years, OSRAM primarily offers semiconductor-based products and technologies for a wide range of high-tech applications, from virtual reality to driver assistance systems and connected intelligent lighting solutions in buildings and cities. Our business operations are conducted by four different business units.

We tap the infinite potentials of light to improve people's lives.

Seoul Semiconductor

Seoul Semiconductor, not forgetting our original intention, will build a clean, healthy and beautiful world.

Vision and philosophy of Seoul semiconductor will spur a great driving force behind value creation as a global top company. To be a Corporation instilling pride in its employees, providing creative solutions to clients, ensuring stability to stockholders, and continually expanding our contributions to the world.

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